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YUAN FENG company has established for ten years, and has provided silicone products all the time. Due to nice shape,wearing resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no poison, tasteless, no side effect to human body, and soft, no crack, long service life and do not stimulate the skin. So we decide to serve as trailblazer to provide people with Silicone Jewelry worldwidely. Through browsing our website, you should have a brief impression for our Silicone Bracelets, Wristbands, Necklaces and pendants. We long for establishing business cooperation with distributors all over the world, and trailblazing great market together with encouraging ambition. It will become a huge business! 

Corporate  Culture
       Mission:  Let people look mre beautiful .fabulous,attractive ,chunky silicone jewelry.
         Vision:   Leading  the jewelry industrial market.
      Value:    Providing sincere service, to creat win-win.

Development History

2003-11-8, YUANFENG company founded in ShenZhen ,China, and focused on silica rubber auxiliary materials in domestic market.

2004-12-1, We decided to explored finished products.

2006-9-1, We began to expand international market.

From now on,with more than 100 employees, we aim at silica gel jewelry products as our cause.


As the trailblazer, we firmly believe that silica gel jewelry will become popular among people.



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